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WinTranslate Pro is a utility designed to change the way you look at Windows, make localization any software. It allows you to customize any applications completely by changing the texts in any place window. For example: title bars, buttons, labels, menus, messages and etc. You can create your own groups of applications or download additional ones. You can start the same program with the different texts and on different languages simultaneously. (see screenshot).

You can change not only text resources but also any other resources (images, HTML-page, icon etc.). It is possible to include in group set of the varied data. In group there can be dictionaries for applications, units, registers, shortcuts, files. A high-performance group format alows to save system resources of Windows. Program has clear interface even for begining users. Very detailed help with examples is in the program. 

For example we have prepared complete translation of an operating system Windows 98 into the Kazakh language for Kazakhstan.

WinTranslate Pro allows to change the source resources of any 32-bit applications and libraries operating under the control of operating systems Windows of corporation Microsoft: Windows 95, Windows 95 OSR2, Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, Windows 2000. Also the mechanism of localization of 16-bit applications is provided in WinTranslate Pro (Windows 95/98/ME).

Note: The cost to register this program is $19.95.

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